Infinity Hair Spray

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Infinity Finishing Spray instantly transforms into the hairspray of choice for the stylist and the styled. Due to the product’s versatility and infinite styling options, Infinity is a flexible finish spray, providing incredible hold, control, and volume. It can be easily combed through for any style change, provides UV protection, and repels moisture, even in the harshest weather conditions. Infinity Finishing Spray is also ideal with any hot tool, allowing you to create and recreate with ease.

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Russell Latham
Hollywood,   CA
Backstage beauty secrets from Russell Latham and Hairstylist Robert Wilson "Dancing With The Stars" Voluminous Curls: Clean hair was blown dry with a tiny spritz of White Sands Liquid Texture Medium Hold. Before setting with a curling iron, a tiny bit more Liquid Texture Medium Hold was applied, curling the dancers’ tresses in the desired pattern of the night and clipped. Upon returning from makeup, the clippies were removed and hair would be teased at the root. Curls were then fingered out into gorgeous waves, securing the look with White Sands Infinity Hair Spray.

Wendy Editor
Tampa,   FL
“Infinity Finishing Spray holds without the lacquer effect, leaving hair shiny and full of movement. And it keeps flyaway-prone hair under control even after brushing hours later.” Wendy, Tampa Tribune

James Sartain
Los Angeles,   CA
I personally love the "Infinity" Hairspray, it is a great go to for styling hair on set and when I need a style to really hold for hours I will use the "Liquid texture firm hold" spray!! We love using your products.