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White Sands Smudge on XoVain

4/30/2016 - By Lynda Norgaard

White Sands Smudge on XoVain

I'll Give Up These Texturizing Products When You Pry Them from My Cold, Dead Hands

“It gives me a piecier, edgier look.” See why XoVain named White Sands Smudge one of the best texturizing products.



I absolutely cannot stand having flat, lifeless hair. I think I get that from my mom. She has the best hair, always curled to perfection and volumous. For as long as I can remember, my mom has been getting stopped by women in stores, restaurants, and on vacations asking if she's a hair dresser or who does her hair. When I was younger and needed to find my mom in a crowd I just looked for her hair. It was the most prominent thing I could see from far away. She's all about volume and texture.

Since I ditched my long hair, I've come to appreciate those same things. I never leave the house with flat hair. It's always blown-out with plenty of mousse, but still I always need some grit to amp up my look. I love to feel that slightly dirty texture throughout my hair so I know it isn't just laying on top of my head.

Even when I do my friends' hair or if I'm on set for a photo shoot, I always have a texturizing spray. It takes a typical look to the next level.

I've started a great collection of some pretty amazing texturizing products that I know will never let me down. Depending on the day, I'll use up to three of these products at once, especially if I'm going out in the evening. They're so easy to use and always the last step in my beauty routine. I add a little texturing spray, powder, or creme and I'm out the door feeling sexy and edgy.

My White Sands Smudge Texture Creme is the newest addition to my texturizing product collection. I love that it's a different formula than the typical spray or powder. I take a little on my fingers and rub them together to warm it up so it's easy to use then I add it to my ends, focusing mostly on the shorter pieces of my hair since I usually don't use texturizing spray on that part of my head. It gives me a piecier, edgier look rather than a ton of volume like I get with a spray.

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